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July 27, 2012
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Zero Keeper: Lucas by babo-sparkle Zero Keeper: Lucas by babo-sparkle
my bby lucas brought back from the dead as a keeper for #ZERO--00 :iconcblushplz: hehe



[ R A N K ] : Keeper

[ T Y P E ] : Parasitic

[ H E I G H T ] : 5 " 10

[ S T A T S ] : High attack and low defense. Powerhouse.

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y ]

Lucas is vain and arrogant, believing himself to be the best thing there is out there. While fighting, he likes to taunt his enemies and laugh at their frustration. He finds satisfaction in watching the weak squirm while he steps all over them. He has photographic memory, so he only needs to look at something once before being able to recall it almost perfectly. Thus, Lucas is very good at being able to remember who people are. Once he sees a face he never forgets it. Therefore, he remembers every player he has fought.

Outside of the battle zone, Lucas is snarky and always makes unnecessary comments. He is not the most eloquent person and therefore sometimes expresses himself in a way that comes off as rude but really, he is just being brutally honest. Of the keepers, he is one of the most unfriendly, thinking that players are beneath him.

He has a really strong bond and attachment to Medic. When not in battle, Lucas is usually seen hanging around him, even when he has work to do (since Lucas really does nothing other than fighting and playing). When not with Medic, Lucas can be found hanging around with his best friend Forte.

[ P O W E R S ]

At the start of battles, Lucas likes to emerge from his shadow. He uses it as a sort of portal or gateway to go in and out of games.

His shadow is able to take several forms. When in its neutral state, it is constantly moving beneath his feet, never maintaining a constant shape like a normal shadow. The most frequent form that it possesses is the shape of a rabid animal. The only limit to the shapes and forms his shadow can take is Lucasís own imagination.

[ L I K E S ]
- Medic
- Forte
- battling players to ease his boredom

[ D I S L I K E S ]
- Mink because she either tries to kill him or attempts to step on his tail
- Players with particularly annoying powers
- people touching his hair

[ O T H E R ]
- The silver bell on his tail is attached by a white ribbon. The sign that Lucas to battle is the distant sound of jingling followed by an eerie silence.
- The only people Lucas would do anything for are Medic and Forte. His relationship with the other keepers (except for Mink) remains neutral.
- When extremely angered, Lucasís golden eyes will glow and the movements of his shadows become more sharp and sporadic. At this point the one person who can control him is Medic.
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reward : 77 EXP each & dress up sticker

#005 ( lucas ) ---> ( exp earned only ) level 6 ( 231 / 600 exp )
#576 ---> level 8 ( 190 / 800 exp )
Babo... I'd like to rp with your sexy and mean Lucas for an event rp... the one where the character is punished by a keeper and he's forced to dress as an animal :icondoushioplz: *shows puppy eyes*
how would you like to rp * U *
:iconslashshine: uhm, I'd like doc or note. What is better to you? *_*
doc works fine for me!! my email is o v o /
aekalsdkfj yayy!! i will start the rp with you as soon as i can !! (i am going out now ahaha;; but as soon as i get home :iconloveloveplz: )
Okay! Aww timezone >.<, maybe I'll be sleeping when you posts, but I'll post before foing to bed :iconslashshine:)
slfdk sorry thta took me so long but i posted!! e v e <3
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....Babooooo wanna rp for the event. I talked to Aki and he told me to rp with keepers....and...and..lucy and beasty.....*Steals him*
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