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June 28, 2012
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ZERO--00: James Li by babo-sparkle ZERO--00: James Li by babo-sparkle
for :iconsparklesplz: :iconzero--00: :iconsparklesplz:

i will.. edit this more later but i'm being shooed to bed


Name : James Li
D.O.B : November 24th
Age : 21
Gender : Male
Height : 5'10"

Occupation : Idol
Zone : One

Demonic Weapon : Parasitic

In his Zero form, James possesses a demonic arm and tongue-like appendages. The arm can somewhat morph in that different parts of it can open up (the palm, the knuckles, or his elbow, kind of like ironman) to emit a blast of pure energy. The tubes attached to his arm and back lend the energy from his body to power-up into his arm for the energy blasts. The tongue-like part that comes out of his left palm is able to retract completely or extend ten feet but no more. The tongues act like sensory mechanisms that allow James to see without seeing (because in his Zero form he has no eyes, they are just empty bloody sockets).

Personality :

James has a very likeable and therefore marketable personality, a fašade that he keeps up for his public image. He is very charismatic and can get virtually anyone to like him because he knows the right things to say at the right times. He appears modest and kind, and is able to easily adapt his image into whatever his manager requires of him.

Underneath this seemingly perfect personality, James is actually quite confident and arrogant. He is very egotistical and his charisma lends itself to his manipulative nature. The worst part about James is that he is extremely possessive and it doesn't take a lot to make him jealous.

History :

James grew up in Zone 4 to a fisherman's family of nine, being the youngest child with four older sisters and two older brothers. Being such a large family, they never had much material-wise and James resented that he was always told to give up on his dreams of living a life that was something more than just a fisherman's son.

There was one really beautiful girl, Varlerie, that he liked but she never took notice of him as anything more than a childhood friend and neighbor. She always told him that it was her dream to marry someone rich and famous, the exact thing that James was not. Determined to win her over, James decided to leave his family when he was old enough, at the age of fifteen, to pursue a career in music so that he could become what she wanted.

For a few months, James did odd jobs here and there, barely scraping a living until auditions opened up by a well known music company. He was successful and went into training to make his debut at the age of seventeen in a three person group. After debuting and becoming one of the most popular idols, James finally thought he had everything he needed: looks, wealth, fame.. he was now Valerie's ideal man.

His cousin whom he was very close to visited him in Central one day with 'good news.' The 'good news' he brought was that he was going to marry Valerie, the very girl James had worked so hard for. In the time that James had spent away from home, Valerie fell in love with his cousin instead. Unable to comprehend how this happened, James tried to keep his anger and disappointment inside, but it festered as the months dragged on and came closer to the wedding date.

On the night of his cousins bachelor party, while everyone including the groom was stumbling around in drunken stupor, James, who was also intoxicated, cornered his cousin. All the bottled up resentment that James had kept inside exploded and in a blind fit of drunken rage he pushed his cousin who reared backwards and fell off of the balcony they were standing on. Whether this was intentional or not, James doesn't remember. His manager was able to cover up and provide him with a solid alibi so that he was removed from suspicion for the death of his cousin, which was concluded to be an accident.

James has since erased Valerie from his memory, refusing to even acknowledge her existence. Currently, he is doing solo activities while the other members of his group are filming dramas or hosting variety shows.

Likes & Dislikes :

+ violin -- His favorite of all the instruments that James is able to play.
+ the latest technology stuff -- James is very materialistic and likes to have tangible things.
+ music and dance forms of art-- In his free time, he likes to listen to a wide variety of music and pick it apart to analyze for fun.
+ the cityscape at night -- James really enjoys looking at the city at night with all the lights. He can spend hours watching the city move about at night.

- idiots -- He hates people who don't seem to possess common sense and is very impatient in dealing with people he feels are below him in intelligence.
- girls named Valerie or who remind him of Valerie for obvious reasons

Etc :
- James barely made it through the first and second rounds and tied with another talented individual in the final audition at the music company. He was eventually chosen because he was thought to have more potential than the other.
- The reason that his manager covered up for him was because James was extremely valuable to the company, and losing him would be devastating to their marketing.
- Though not the leader of his group, James is by far the most popular idol of the three. Their group name is CELL-0 (like cello ahahaha i love the cello ok, don't judge. also it has a zero in it for the group, geddit)
- James wears a cap and glasses when he wants to go out like as regular person as an attempt to be less easily recognizable like this: [link]
- He has an extremely low level of tolerance to alcohol
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